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I’m Pregnant! Now what?

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You’re having a baby! If you have no idea what to do next, you’re not alone. MH fills you in on the most important things to put on your list

Facts on Fertility

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Planning on having a baby? How much do you really know about baby-making? What you don’t understand can affect your bub-to-be’s health.

Babies After 40

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With more and more women completing higher education, climbing the corporate ladder or concentrating on getting their finances in order, many are waiting until later in life to have a child. And while many go on to have successful pregnancies into their early forties, it no doubt comes with increased risks.

Am I Pregnant?

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Find out what to expect from a home pregnancy test, how to use it, how accurate the tests are, and how early you can test after missing your period.

Get into Position

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When it comes to baby-making, do positions matter and are some better than others? MH finds out.

Try and Try Again

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Conceiving your first child may have been pretty easy and now that you’re ready for baby number two, things might not be going as planned. It can come as a shock when getting pregnant this time around is proving to be a bit more difficult but secondary infertility is more common than you think.

Fertility Superfoods

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Can you eat your way to better fertility? MH shares the scoop.