10 Pregnancy Travel Essentials

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Before you lock the door behind you and head for the airport, be sure you have all you need to keep yourself comfortable while on holiday!
It’s time to hit the road or the runway! But have you got all you need for your holiday? Here are some of our travel essentials for mummies-to-be.

1. Dress Comfortably
If you’re planning to go shopping for your trip, be sure to choose some comfy classics.
While you could invest in some classic staples like maternity jeans, leggings, loose fitting dresses and long-fit tank tops, you could also get your favourite pieces in a few sizes bigger to make way for your expanding tummy. In fact, anything stretchy and elastic is going to become your new best friend!

2. Walk with Care
If there was ever a time for comfortable footwear, it’s during pregnancy and even more so, if you’re travelling. Throw your runners into your luggage as well as some comfortable sandals with supportive soles to protect the arches of your feet while you explore the sights.

3. Hug Me Tight
Packing a comfy pillow to take on board the plane with you will allow you to get some much-needed rest that much faster. Chances are you’re going to be more tired while travelling so take every opportunity you can to get some shut eye.

4. Pop those Pills
Don’t forget to take your prenatal supplements with you. Be sure to pack enough for the entire trip and you may want to throw in a couple more in case a pill falls on the ground. Also, take along medication that you think you may need during the trip but do get clearance from you doctor beforehand.

5. Wheeling It
When packing for your trip, do also take note of the luggage you’ll be bringing along with you. You would not want to be lugging a heavy bag around at the risk of hurting your back so choose something that’s easy to wheel about.

6. Drink Up
You’ll find you get thirsty a lot during pregnancy so arm yourself with a water bottle no matter where your destination.

7. Smell That
If you still find yourself feeling a little queasy at times, pack a small bottle of a pleasant-smelling scent and keep it with you in your handbag. Something citrusy is great and a quick sniff is sometimes all it takes to calm unexpected queasiness  

8. Little Bites
Keep those hunger pangs away with some healthy snacks. This will come in especially useful if you’re stuck in traffic or if your flight has been delayed and there’s nowhere for you to get any food.

9. Pull on those Socks
To lower your risk of DVT and to your feet and ankles from swelling, put on a pair of flight socks and keep comfortable. Remember, to keep your legs moving whether you’re traveling by plane or by car.

10. Keep Clean
Hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes can help keep the germs at bay especially when there’s no toilet in sight. Be sure to use them regularly, especially before and after you eat.

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