6 Ways to Stay Healthy as a SAHM

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Being a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM)is never easy. Your days are filled with taking care of both the kids and the home and staying fit is often easier said than done. Here are some creative ways to stay healthy while you’re hard at work.


Staying at home full-time with the kids can sometimes be extremely tiring and vexing. Keeping up with fast-paced kids, being subjected to their crying and whining 24/7, and dealing with the constant mess around the house can drain any sane woman. If that perfectly describes you, give these healthy-living tips a try. They may just get you out of that rut!

1. You Are What You Eat
Stay away from processed food. Focus on fresh and wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Get acquainted with superfoods — kale, coconut oil, spirulina, kelp and chia seeds — as these contain high levels of vitamins and minerals and are good sources of antioxidants, which shield our bodies from cell damage and help prevent diseases.
More importantly, set aside fixed times to eat your meals and avoid binge-eating. Do not wait till you are done with household chores (which are never-ending!) and famished before you eat as you will very likely overeat. Also, do not feel compelled to eat your children’s leftovers!

2. Sing, “I Like to Move It Move It!”
Quit procrastinating. Fashion a workout into your busy schedule. Exercise does not have to be time-consuming. Give High-Intensity Interval Training a shot! It also doesn’t mean you have to travel all the way to the gym — workout with a resistance band or spring into stair-climbing right at your block.

3. Mind Over Matter
Do not let yourself spiral into an emotional wreck. When you find yourself becoming an angry person who lashes out at your kids and husband, remember to surround yourself with positivity. Find a physical/online camaraderie of strong mums who inspire you. Cut away toxic people in your life who put you down, make you feel lousy, cause you to second-guess yourself, make you feel sad, uncomfortable and downright ashamed of your own progress and well-being.

4. Refill Your Cup
So many times as a SAHM without entitlement to annual leave and Public Holidays, we pour from an empty cup. Be sure to create boundaries from kids as well as the home and find avenues to refill your cup so that you can give your best to your loved ones. Return to the hobbies and talents you may have had before becoming a SAHM and get back to some of your favourite things-to-do: pottery, photography, Zumba or Salsa!

5. Pamper Yourself
Do whatever you need to feel and stay sexually desirable. Let nothing stop you from manicures, facials, spa treatments and the likes! Research shows that a positive self-image reduces stress, makes one feel younger, more energetic and healthier.

6. Keep Up with the Health Checks
Do not let health checks such as PAP smears lapse. These health checks can detect any warning signs of gynaecological cancers which are highly treatable when discovered early.
Dr Seuss famously said, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Cherish every moment of your SAHM sojourn before it becomes a memory, by being as healthy as you can be!

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