Pregnant? It’s Time to Celebrate!

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Your pregnancy is a time to be celebrated! Need some ideas? MH has you covered.


If you’re one of the many pregnant women suffering from morning sickness, swollen feet, back pains or that dreaded heartburn, you’re likely to wonder how exactly you’re going to enjoy your pregnancy, let alone celebrate all there is to come. But trust me, these little inconveniences that come along with being pregnant will pass. And you know what? You now have months to celebrate your impending new role along the way. So, here it is – eight ways to celebrate your pregnancy and your bump before your baby arrives.


Write it Down

One of the first things you can do is to get yourself a journal and keep track of all your pregnancy milestones. From first scans to the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat, it’s all worth recording and remembering.

Pen down how you feel – both your good and bad days, your happiness at finding out the big new, your nervousness at wondering what kind of mum you’re going to be and of course, your excitement at finally getting to meet him.

Don’t forget to save the prints from your scans and keep track of how much your baby and tummy grows over the months – it’ll be fun to walk down memory lane together with your child when he’s older.


Time to Shop

Here’s another way to celebrate the impending arrival of your baby – shopping! Don’t limit yourself to just shopping for your bub but I guess I probably didn’t have to tell you that. There are lots of things you can buy for yourself – think new clothes, shoes, and a bag or two – a baby bag that is. And there’s no better time to splurge on skincare but do make sure it’s safe for both you and your baby.


Where to Go? What to Do?

Whether you’re a first-time mummy-to-be or if you’ve got a kid or two in tow, things can sometimes get pretty overwhelming for you so be sure to take some time out for yourself. Catch a movie, have tea with a friend or just book yourself a staycation for the night and unwind and relax by the pool. This would also be the perfect time to pamper yourself with a facial, get your tresses trimmed or your nails done. It doesn’t really matter what you do – just be sure to spend time by yourself and recharge.


Say Cheese

How about a bump shoot? This is probably one of the best ways to celebrate this huge moment in your life and is the perfect way to spend time together bonding as a family. Pick a photographer and a location you love and you’re pretty much all set. For that extra-special touch, get your hair and make-up done, pick some meaningful props and get ready to show off your best smile!


Throw Me a Party

If it’s your first baby, chances are your family or friends will throw you a baby shower. This is the time to get together with all your close friends and family and spend time together while celebrating the life that’s growing inside you. These are probably the people who will also play a part in your baby’s life so it doesn’t get more meaningful than that. It’s also the time to plan your wish list and ask for what you really need for your bub. How about clothes, toys, books, and other items you’ve had your heart set on?


Mould My Belly

Watching (and feeling) your bump grow as the months pass is pretty magical so capture that feeling and make a memento of your tummy with a belly cast. Do-it-yourself casting kits can be purchased and with a few simple instructions, you’ll have a cast of your baby bump. It can get a bit messy but the final product makes it all worth it. Feel free to paint it and you’re all done. And if you’re planning on having a photoshoot for your newborn, you’ll be able to nestle him in your cast for a picture-perfect photo.


Pamper Me Silly

The further along you are in your pregnancy, the higher the chances of backaches and swollen feet. It can get pretty uncomfortable so make time for a prenatal massage and ease away all your aches and pains.



Be sure to book someone reputable and let them know just how far along you are in your pregnancy.



Some places even offer packages for postnatal massages so it’s a great way to try out if you’re happy and comfortable with their service.


Take Me Away

Feeling up to travelling? Hop on a plane and go on a babymoon with the hubby, once your doctor’s given the all-clear, that is. From sandy beaches to shopping havens, the choice is yours and of course, just how much energy you have. Do some research before you go as some hotels and resorts have babymoon packages to pamper the mummy-to-be. No matter where your destination, be sure to stay safe and bring along all your necessary documents and medications you might need in case of an emergency. It’s also best to know where the nearest hospitals are as well.

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