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It’s time for some fun family reading time!




By Matt Coyne

This isn’t your typical parenting guide. Coyne shares his brutally honest perspective of what new mums and dads can expect when their newborn arrives and offers his own unique strategies on tackling parenthood. Look out for his hilarious advice on deciding whose turn it is to change your baby’s nappy, dealing with the food mess when introducing your baby to solid food, and many more!



A Lullaby for Little One

By Dawn Casey Illustrated by Charles Fuge

Big Daddy Rabbit and Little One are having lots of fun in the forest, playing hide-and-seek, and splashing in the river. But Little One soon gets tired, so Big Daddy Rabbit soothes him to sleep with the perfect lullaby. Snuggle with your own active little one and read this perfect bedtime story to lull him into a good night’s sleep.



Wandering Off

By Wendy Aw & Alan Choong

Lucas’ dreary afternoon turns into an interesting adventure when he makes a new friend. They visit the wizard’s shop, swim in the ocean and even fly into space! This book shows your little one that fun awaits him anywhere just by using the power of his imagination.



Will You Read My Book With Me?

By Lawrence Schimel Illustrated by Thiago Lopes

Antonio is looking for someone to read his favourite book with him. He asks everyone he can find – his mother, the baker, the postman – but they are all too busy, except for the old blind man sitting outside his house. But how is Antonio supposed to read with him?



Plusixfive: A Singaporean Supper Club Cookbook

By Goz Lee and Friends

Satisfy your cravings for good old Singaporean food with these delicious local recipes. Look out for classics like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa to popular sweet treats like Bubur Pulut Hitam and Ondeh Ondeh.

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