Interview: Sonya Davison Sanchez

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When Sonya Davison Sanchez turned 25 last year, she practically leapfrogged the proverbial quarter-life crisis — and found her calling instead: as a mother.



As the multi-hyphenated Sonya Davison Sanchez – the TV host is also a model and owner of a fashion rental business – jokingly opened up to Motherhood lately, her career goal has always been to be a mother. “When people ask me what my dream job was, I would say ‘a mum’,” she confesses. “So, for me, this has been a long time coming. I love everything about being a mum… I used to spend all my time looking forward to the next thing: the next job, the next holiday, the next time I see my friends. Now, I only live in the moment and truly cherish the now. I have never been happier.”


It’s clear just how much this mummy is revelling in what she fondly dubs her new ‘job’. The otherwise prolific TV personality – she is the face of RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network and has appeared on too many commercials to count – has taken a breather from work ever since she discovered she was pregnant.


A Day in the Life of…

These days, a typical day is savoured with her twin baby boys, Tristan Eduardo Sanchez and Raiden Jodel Sanchez, who turned one last month. “Before having kids, I was working a lot,” she recalls. “Photo shoots, filming and running my business filled up most of my time. When I wasn’t working, I was spending time with my husband and taking care of our home. I filled up the rest of my calendar with social events and seeing friends. Life has definitely changed so much but I honestly love my life now so much more than any routine I ever had before.”



That hardly means that the pan-Asian headturner has disappeared entirely from the public eye: the

proud mummy continues to pepper her Instagram account

with snapshots of her chilling with her babies.



But don’t let that fool you: raising babies is still plenty of hard work.


Being Mama

“Caring for a baby is a full-time job – let alone two! – from feedings to changing diapers and chasing them around the house. We take lots of walks, go to the playground, read books, crawl around and play.”

She is taking it in her stride, though. “I want to be a stay-at-home-mum for as long as possible, I am so grateful that I get to spend so much time with my kids and I hope to keep it this way for as long as possible. I still work occasionally but my main focus now is the kids.”

“I used to be so worried about how I’d cope with the lack of sleep and managing life because you always hear how hard having a baby is, but what no one tells you is that you actually develop super powers when you become a mum!”

Life doesn’t stop with kids, as Sonya would attest. “A close friend once told me to not revolve your life around your kids but to revolve their life around yours. I’ve kept this in mind since they were born and I love how flexible they are because of it. For example, we aren’t confined to doing things around their nap times because they’ve learned to nap on the go.”


Parenting Goals

Of Chinese, Thai and British parentage, the Thailand-born Sonya grew up across Asia and Australia, while her husband is Filipino-American. She divulges that she wishes to raise open-minded, worldly kids who are receptive to different cultures and traditions.

“I love marrying the strong family values that Asians hold, with the open-mindedness thinking of the West,” she says. “Oh, and I love how Judd kisses his parents every morning after waking and every night before bed, even at this age. I hope our boys will always do the same!”



Already, both her husband and she can see how the kids have taken after them: “Tristan is fearless

and adventurous just like his daddy was. He will happily jump off the bed without thinking twice.

Raiden is cautious and sensitive just like mummy.”



While the couple differs in their individual parenting styles (“I am definitely more nurturing and permissive whereas Judd is more authoritative and disciplined with high expectations”), Sonya says they place the two boys before them, and simply love to dote on them.

“They are still very young but one parenting principle I swear by so far is being very attentive: picking up your babies promptly when they cry and being very nurturing and caring. It is important to me that they feel secure in their environment so they can grow and develop.”

Speaking of development, Sonya herself confesses to having gained a new perspective on life. “After having kids, I’ve realised that there are things that truly matter, and there are things that don’t. I’ve learned that time is valuable, and I will only save my time for the things and people that truly matter. Remove negative energy, be in the moment and focus on what makes us happy. Nothing else matters and there is no time to waste thinking about those things.” 


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