The Shelf: Must-Read Books for the Kids

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Add these books to your little one’s bookshelf for some fun reading!



The Big Adventure

By Elina Ellis

It’s time for an adventure…a big adventure, in fact. Fox, Bear and Moose start planning and packed their bags. Will they go to the moon, to Africa or the North Pole? Or will they end up where Chicken has been suggesting all along?



Hush-a-Bye Bunny

By Holly Surplice

Hush-a-Bye Bunny is the perfect read for bedtime. A little bunny gets tearful when the sun sets and bedtime rolls around but Mummy Bunny knows the perfect words to say to ease away all the fears and to sleep tight.



What’s More Scary?

By Min Flyte and Matt Hunt

Jimmy is ready to set off on a jungle expedition but as he heads into the jungle he comes across scary creatures, big and small. And he hears something following behind him so he knows there’s no turning back. He has many decisions to make…what would he choose? This choose-the-flap adventure is perfect for the little adventurer.



Be a Friend

By Salina Yoon

This heartwarming story of individuality, imagination and friendship tells the tale of Dennis, a boy who loves to mime. While some children loved to climb trees, Dennis was happy being a tree. The other children didn’t make any effort to get to know him, which made him sad. But one day he meets Joy and he realises that she sees the world the same way and pretty soon the two become inseparable.



The Great Dragon Bake Off

By Nicola O’Byrne

Have you ever seen a dragon who loves to bake? Meet Flamie Oliver who had a passion for pastry – sweet pastry, rough pastry, puff pastry – he loves them all! But spending his days baking meant he wasn’t paying much attention to his studies at the Ferocious Dragon Academy and he was not going to be able to graduate. What will he do?

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