12 Clever Mum Hacks

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Make your life easier with these simple but useful life hacks.

It is no doubt that motherhood is a 24/7 job, with your help sometimes needed at odd hours. And if you’re working, it might be even that more demanding. So, what’s a mum to do? Get some help, of course! But if that isn’t always possible or you just rather see everything through, these clever mum hacks might just come in handy and make your day that much easier. So, read on!

Let’s Eat!
Time for a plan
What better time to plan the family meals than on a Sunday? If your days are pretty predictable, planning the meals ahead saves you time and lets you get all your grocery shopping done before the busy week starts — leaving you free of worry about what to cook for dinner after a tiring day at the office. Have a picky eater at home? Here’s a tip — get your kid involved in planning the meals with you and if he’s old enough have him help in the kitchen. Who knows? That might just get him excited about trying new foods.  

If your job calls for long hours on certain days, have some of your family’s favourite meals prepared and frozen on the weekend. And when it’s going to be another late night in the office, you’ll know your kids will still be able to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals.

Avoid the morning rush
Does your kid bring food from home for break time? To save time on preparing them in the morning, why not have them prepared the night before and put them in the fridge till you’re all ready to leave the house. If you too bring your lunch from home, preparing and cooking your meals the night before will give you some extra snooze time. Better still — save some of the leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day and you won’t have to spend extra time over the stove.

Home Sweet Home
Keep it clean
Wet wipes are a mum’s best friend and you never know when it’ll come in handy. From cleaning your baby’s bottom to wiping up the mess on the floor after mealtimes — it’ll do you good to keep a pack of wipes in every room of the house. And yes, that includes the bathrooms. They’re perfect for quick clean-ups, anytime!

With kids at home, things can accumulate pretty quickly and before you know it clutter and disorder might be the first thing to greet you when you walk through the front door. Toys, books, clothes, shoes — the list goes on. If you’ve been meaning to declutter but have not had the time to get round to it, try getting two cardboard boxes, label one ‘to throw’ and the other ‘to donate’ and keep them in the storeroom. Now you have a proper place to toss the things you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Once the boxes are full, deal with it and start over. You might even want to add another box for items you want to be recycled.

Take the mess away
If your every attempt to get your kids to do away with the toys that they don’t use or play with anymore has failed and you have not had the time to do it yourself, rely on some hardy boxes. Get some with wheels and when you need a quick tidy up, simply roll them over to the mess and toss the toys in. Then push it away to where it can’t be seen. This is a handy tip when you have visitors on the way to your house.

Save Time
On the go
If you catch the train or bus to work, why not use the time to and from the office to plan and organise the week ahead, pay your bills or maybe even get some work done. If your husband sends you to work or if you’re the one dropping him off at his workplace, take this time to catch up on each other’s day or to simply spend some time with each other.

Shop smart
Use your lunch hour or any free time you have at the office to shop for your household essentials. Think diapers, milk powder, detergent or any groceries that you might need. There are many online grocery services available now and some even offer same-day delivery. This means you’ll probably have your purchases delivered to you by the time you reach home, saving you time from heading to the supermarket.

Smart Tips
Late night sheet changes no more
If you have a little one who is in the midst of potty training or who is going through a period of bed-wetting, here’s one handy tip. Lay a waterproof mattress protector on the mattress and place a fitted sheet over it. Next, add another waterproof protector as well as another fitted sheet on top. And if your child wets his bed in the middle of the night, all you have to do is pull off the top bedsheet and protector, perform a quick change of his pyjamas and you’re done. Don’t want to have a pile of washing every morning? Try getting disposable waterproof sheets instead.

Stock up the car
We all know about having a first aid kit in the car but how about stocking the car up with some things your family may need or enjoy. Get a box and fill it with snacks, plastic bags, a change of clothes, towels, slippers or even a picnic mat or a few beach toys for those impromptu trips to the beach. A couple of recyclable bags and cooler bags might come in handy too.

Cover up
Nothing takes up more time than having to change your work clothes just as you’re about to leave for the office — all thanks to spilt milk or cereal splatter. One way to ensure you don’t leave the home with stains on your clothes is to wear a bathrobe over your clothes till you’re all ready to walk out the door.

Bath buddies
Most children have a few bath toys that they love and can’t do without. Unfortunately for us mums, that means more cleaning for us. And if your child’s bath buddy is a squeaky toy, getting rid of the mould that’s growing on the inside is definitely a challenge. To prevent mould from building up, simply take a hot glue gun and seal the holes shut. This way no water gets in and you don’t have to worry about mould affecting your little one.

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