Pampering Treats for Mum

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Indulge in some me-time with these pampering treats.



Taking care of yourself naturally drops to the bottom of the list when you’re a mum. Family life takes over, and your kids’ needs are always prioritised over your own. But even the best of mums need a break sometimes. So if you’ve been neglecting to take time out for yourself, take the opportunity to treat yourself with these pampering ideas.



At-Home Spa

Can’t afford an expensive spa treatment or simply don’t have the time to spare? Those aren’t a problem because you can create your very own spa at home!



Set aside one hour in your day, preferably in the evening

so you’ll be all relaxed before going to sleep. Let your family

know too, so they won’t come barging into your room

and disturbing you during your me-time.



You don’t need much to create an at-home spa. Start off with a luxurious bath filled with your favourite bath oils – add bubble bath if you want some foamy suds. Prepare a book to read, or your laptop to catch that show on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch but never have the time to. Or just simply lie back in the bathtub, close your eyes, breathe in the scents permeating the bathroom, and relax. Add to the ambience by putting on some soft, calming tunes.


After your bath, how about getting your spouse to give you a massage? A simple back and shoulder rub can do wonders in helping you wind down at the end of the day.



Date Night

Finding some quality alone time with the hubby can be near impossible once you have kids in tow. If the two of you haven’t had any time together in a while, this Mothers’ Day is the perfect time to schedule a date night.


Hire a babysitter or have a family member or friend take care of the little ones. Deck yourselves out in a swanky outfit and paint the town red! Eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, catch the latest live show playing at the theatre, and end the night with a romantic walk under the moonlit sky.



For a casual day out, have a picnic by the beach or at the park.

Or watch a movie both of you will enjoy, and chow down on

delicious food at your favourite hawker centre.



The options for date night are endless! All that matters is you get to spend much-needed quality time with your other half.



Breakfast in Bed

What’s better than waking up from a well-deserved, long sleep? Waking up to the delicious smells of breakfast in bed. Play queen for the morning, and let your family know what you want for breakfast – a stack of pancakes, good old kaya toast, a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea – and wait for your special treat to arrive.


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