10-Minute Workouts for the Busy Mum

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Put aside just 10 minutes a day and work your way to a healthier you.



Hands down being a mum is the busiest job in the world, and if you add a full-time job to that equation too, getting time for yourself is nearly impossible. However, that shouldn’t be the case as we all deserve some much-needed self-love. Taking 10 minutes out of a day is a great way to start, so here are some exercises that will have you feeling fitter in no time.


Get Moving

Do as many repetitions as possible in 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, before moving on to the next exercise:


Air squats

Feet hip width apart and feet slightly turned out, push your knees out as you squat down. Remember to keep your heels on the ground at all times, look straight ahead and hit parallel when you go down.



Tricep dips

Grab a chair, a park bench or a coffee table – whatever you like! Legs straight out, hands on the chair and lower down, keeping close to your chair and elbows in. If you need a scaled version add a slight bend to your knees.


Star jumps

Jump your legs out and hands above your head touching – then jump your legs in and hands go to your side.


Reverse crunch

Bend your knees, with your back flat on the ground and hands beside your body. Lift your legs slowly towards your stomach, keeping them bent. Lower your legs towards the ground. Repeat.



Backward lunge

Feet hip width apart and step one leg back making sure your knee touches the ground. Keep your front foot steady and heel on the ground. Switch legs.




The full version sees us start in a high plank and lowering until your chest hits the ground, keeping your arms in.

To scale it, put your knees on the ground.


Don’t Stop!

We’re not done yet – not without exercises to get your heart rate up! Do as many as you can of the following in 15 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. Do four sets.



High knees

Try and focus on staying on your toes and tap your hands with your knees.  To scale down, walk your knees up. 


Mountain climbers

Get into a plank position, keep your butt down and alternate each foot forward up towards your hand. Speed it up if you feel strong!



Natalie Dau is the Founder & CEO of The Daily Escape

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