The Shelf: More Books to Read this Month

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Add these to your reading list this month.



Magical Unicorn Dreams

By Louise Tate

For every little kid who’s a fan of the Jellycat Bashful Unicorn, this one’s for you. As you tuck your precious one in at night, the mystical unicorn takes you away on magical adventures to places far and near. From sailing through the night time skies to diving for treasure from a shipwreck, the unicorn will be with you wherever you go.





By Sally Sutton Illustrated by Brian Lovelock

Dig the ground. Dig the ground. Bore down in the mud. Shove the piles in one by one Slip! Slap! Thud! Take your little one on a construction journey and read about just how a building is built. When you’re done, turn to the last page and learn the names of the different vehicles you see on a construction site and just what it’s used for.




Goldilocks and the Three Potties

By Leigh Hodgkinson

Is your sweet pea ready to be potty trained? So is Goldilocks! This funny little story will have your little one excited about the milestone she’s about to embark on and will get her all ready to wear her big girl pants that are just right.




Paws Off My Book

By Fabi Santiago

Olaf the Giraffe loves reading and he can’t believe his luck when he stumbles upon a book. But just when he begins reading, his friends come by and share how to properly read a book – hanging from a tree like a monkey or even standing on one leg like a flamingo! Will Olaf get to read his book the way he wants? What’s he going to do?




The Rosy Cheeked Kids: Kids Lunch Boxes and Party Food

By Clara Luboff and Karin G. Reiter

Whether it’s time for lunch or a party, this recipe book is bursting with simple recipes to make whipping up some healthy treats a breeze. Fill lunch boxes with pancakes, wraps, pasta and more or feed hungry little guests skewers, pizza and fritattas – all homemade and oh so delish!


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