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Whether you are a stay-at-home-mum or working mum, spending time with other like-minded mums might just be the thing you need to adjust to new life with your little one and knowing you are not alone.


Now that you have a baby or two in tow, it might be time to expand your social circle and get to know other mums. After all, they are the ones who will likely know what you are going through and will understand when you need a good cry. They will be there when you need to vent about your tantrum-throwing threenager, they will not judge when you have to back out of dinner plans for another family emergency, they will understand that your home is exactly the way it is supposed to be – messy with toys all over and they will even join in on conversations about poop, breastfeeding and hair loss. And with a group of mum friends, you know you are never short of a babysitter should you need one.


But just how are you going to form lasting friendships with other mummies? Here are some ideas.


1. Join a Mummy and Baby Class

There are loads of classes that welcome both mummies and babies. So, when you feel ready to venture beyond your home with your baby, sign yourselves up for a fun class and get ready to meet some new people. From swimming classes to music classes, search the Internet for what is happening around your area. You will be surprised by how many there are. And while you are looking for a new mummy mate, you will be bonding with your baby as well.


2. Head Online

If you are a tad shy, you might consider joining an online group – that is, if you have yet to do so. You may even be able to find mums who have had babies born in the same month and year as yours. In an online group, you will be able to get advice from other mummies like yourself as well as tips and recommendations on paediatricians, schools and much more.



Behind the safety of your screen, you will also be able to ask questions

you might be hesitant to do so face-to-face.



But should you find someone you are comfortable with online, think about arranging a meet-up. Who knows – you might find out you really click as friends.


3. Arrange a Playdate

Here is an idea to get both you and your baby socialising. To get to know a fellow mum better, why not arrange a playdate for your bubs? If your kids are old enough, go to an indoor playground where the kids can entertain themselves or make reservations at a restaurant where there is a play area for the kids. This will leave you time to get to know the other mum better while being able to keep an eye on them.


4. Share Your Contact

Keep in mind that most mums are probably looking for other mum friends too. So, if you meet someone who you seem to get along with and especially if your kids know and like each other, reach out and ask for her contact. That way it will be easier to stay in touch and arrange a meetup. It might be a little awkward at first asking someone you hardly know for their number but it will get easier.


5. Go to School

If your child is already in school, it will be easy to meet other parents during drop-off and pick-ups. Give the kids some time to run around and play with each other after school’s out while you and the other mums chat. If your child is not in school just yet, try heading to the library, park or playground to meet other parents.


6. Be Part of a Support Group

If you are a mummy of a newborn, especially if you are a first-time mum, you will probably need more help and support than you can imagine.



Joining a mummy support group is a great way to get the support

you need as you begin your parenting journey.



Needless to say, you will get to meet other mums with kids around the same age and the best part is – you know that they are also looking for a friend.


7. Work It Out

Meeting other mums do not always have to be at places where the kids are at. The next time you are at the gym, strike up conversations with other women and if you are lucky, you might meet a fellow mum. But if you don’t, you might have just met yourself your new workout buddy.


8. Watch a Movie

Did you know that some cinemas screen movies just for mums and the bubs? Usually screened during the work week, you will be able to catch up on a movie without the weekend crowds and not having to worry if your baby is distracting anyone with his cries. Some of these cinemas usually set up a diaper changing station in the theatre itself, so it might be an opportunity to meet another mum right there.



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