10 Secrets for Busy Mamas from Busy Mamas

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Running short on time? MH rounds up some fabulous tips from mums on how to manage time more effectively!



Life can keep you pretty busy. Whether you’re a working mum or a stay-at-home-mum, it sometimes can feel like there never is enough time in a day. Feel like you need more time? These mamas give you some helpful tips!


1. Create a Joint Calendar

“My husband and I both have busy schedules. Sharing our calendars helps us organise activities for the family without us losing our minds.”           

- Liang Yenling, 29, analyst


2. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

“Work with your support system (in-laws, friends, husband, helper...) to get the chores done. Don’t do everything yourself, you would go crazy. Nobody should have to do it all. Don’t micro-manage.”

- Barbara Claire, 35, brand manager


3. Get Rid of that Fabric Sofa

“My best home investment is a waterproof PVC sofa. Just wipe to clean every week. No need to put fabric covers in the laundry or wash off food stains.”             

- Grace Yu, 38, teacher


4. Have a to-do List

“I use the Todoist app and look at it throughout the day on my phone. I keep track of my errands on it. I used to scribble on scraps of paper in the past but I would always lose them. At least I carry around my phone everywhere I go.”

- Susan Tay, 41, accountant


5. Have the Kids Pick up after Themselves

“My children can leave a huge mess after playing with their toys. It’s like entering a destruction zone. But I make sure they pick up all their Lego bricks and bridge parts before they get to watch TV.” 

– Chan Yi Han, 33, business development head


6. Make a Batch Meal Plan

“My Sundays and Thursday nights are for cooking dishes in bulk and freezing them in batches for the next few days. That way I don’t always need to cook every meal from scratch.”

- Louise Hogan, 32, marketing consultant


7. Hack Your Beauty Routine

“Seriously, I swear by eyelash extensions and brow embroidery. They save me so much time on always looking presentable without wasting time doing makeup.”

- Sharita Ahmad, 29, HR officer


8. Head to the Party Goods Section

I’ve been hooked on paper plates and plastic cutlery ever since I used them for my boy’s first-month birthday. I buy them in bulk and use them at mealtimes so I have less dirty dishes to wash at the end of the day.”

- Siti Aishah, 25, personal assistant


9. Take Family Baths

“I save water and time by bathing with my four-year-old twins. Most of the time I join them. We have a lot of fun just splashing around with their rubber duckies.”

- Lynette Tong, 30, housewife


1O. Make Smart Wardrobe Choices

“I’ve switched to wearing wrinkle-free clothes to cut down time on ironing.”

- Gisele Goh, 35, sales director


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