3 Don’ts when Dealing with a Fussy Eater

Avoid these three things if you have a fussy eater at the table.



Don’t force it

If your child rejects the food, don’t force them to eat it — just take the food away and stay calm even if it’s very frustrating. He is probably not hungry. It is common for toddlers to vary their eating habits from day to day due to your toddler’s nutrition requirements. While you may be anxious to feed junior his daily dose of essential nutrients, the fact is that he is not growing as much now as he was in his first year, so he is less interested in food and not eating as much.


Don’t over snack

Structure your child’s eating routine so that he has three regular meals a day and two healthy snacks in between meals. For snacks, limit him to a milk drink and some fruit slices or a small cracker with a slice of cheese. Avoid scheduling the meal until your child is too hungry or too tired to eat.


Don’t overload on salt

Although it may be tempting to add more salt to enhance the flavours, it will be too much sodium for the little one. It is more important to shop for fresh quality ingredients to let your child taste the natural flavour of the food. 


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