Time for Some Creative Fun

With all the good that art brings to toddlers, make time for your little ones to explore their creativity with these activities!


Learning About Colours

Start off your little ones’ knowledge of colours by introducing them to primary colours – red, blue and yellow. Let them mix the different colours with their hands so they create new ones. “Choose any combination you would like to introduce first and ask your toddler, ‘What do you think will happen when you mix two of the colours?’” suggests Jealina Chiang, founder, owner and educator of Rush-Me-Not Art Studio Pte Ltd.

This activity can be done without all the mess too. Just follow Chiang’s tip: “Parents can place two coloured paints in opposite corners of a ziplock bag and sticky tape them onto the table.” This lets your little ones squish the bag to mix the colours without the paints getting everywhere.

For a toddler-safe alternative, Chiang suggests using yoghurt and natural food colouring as a substitute for paint.


Make Sculptures/Objects

We’re not talking about fancy clay sculptures here (although you can totally do that if your child is up for it). Toh Menghua, head of school at Artgrain recommends letting your little ones make simple 3D toys and objects out of newspaper, masking tape and paper. “This process is highly valuable as a child can experience a totally different experience from playing with a toy to creating an object or a toy.”


Design Prints

Take whatever objects you have at home such as fruits, leaves, bottle caps or sponges, and let your little ones dip them in paint to create unique prints.

You can do some fabric-printing too. All you need is a plain t-shirt and fabric paint, and let your toddlers create their very own t-shirt design.


Make Collages

This is one activity that encourages endless creativity from your little ones. All you have to do is prepare the materials they will need like scissors, glue, old magazines, stickers, beads, colourful paper, leaves, buttons, whatever you have on hand. When everything is set up, let your toddlers loose in the world of collage-making and see what they come up with!


DIY Jewellery

Stringing beads or different types of uncooked pasta is a classic activity toddlers can do to make their own jewellery. They can even paint the uncooked pasta in different colours, and mix and match the materials to create one-of-a-kind designs.


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