Bonding with Your Baby During Bathtime

Here are ways in which you can bond with your baby while bathing him.

Bathing Baby doesn’t have to be another of your tiresome daily chore. Turn it into a fun bonding time with your child!


Interact with Your Baby

Even with an infant who is too young to play, you can still have fun with him. Smile and talk to him, and sing nursery rhymes as you bathe him. Baby will enjoy looking at your face and hearing your voice. For older babies, make up silly songs and rhymes as you wash each body part. Baby is picking up how to name the parts of his body!


Spice It Up with Bath Toys

Explore and learn with Baby! Let him feel the different textures as he is being cleaned, such as touching a soft bath cloth or a slippery bar of soap. Once Baby is able to sit, reach for and grasp object, introduce bath toys, such as rubber ducks and boats. Bath toys need not be expensive at all! Babies are fascinated filling and pouring out water from a scoop or plastic cup, or simply squeezing the water-laden sponge. Take delight in his discovery with him!


Bath time Reading

Look at waterproof picture bath books together. Point at pictures and giggle with your darling when a bubble lands on the bath book.


Get into The Tub

If you are comfortable with it, get into the tub with your baby! Your closeness can be very reassuring to an older baby who has made the transition to a big bathtub. Cuddle your baby and enjoy the water with him. Baby will feel a sense of security with you nearby.


A Nice Massage

End the bath with a nice massage as you dry baby off and apply baby lotion. Touch is one of the best ways to bond with your child, and babies love the comfort and security that touch communicates.


Do be patient if your baby takes time to get used to bathing without fussing. With your reassurance, bath time will soon become a very special time for him. As you get Baby clean and smelling great, both of you can have a relaxing and fun time bonding on a daily basis!



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