5 Cheap Things to Do This Long Weekend

It’s the Lunar New Year long weekend and if you aren’t too busy, why not pen this into your calendar.



1. Have a Picnic

Prepare some munchies, grab the children and head to the nearest park for a picnic. Besides having a change of scenery during mealtimes, your children can also have fun running around the park. If you are preparing simple snacks such as sandwiches and finger food, get them to help too!


2. Head to the Mall

Spend some time at the mall window-shopping and simply walking around. Sometimes, the malls have some kid-friendly activities going on that your children can do. Some malls even have playgrounds that your children can go wild at while you sit back and relax. Sometimes, a chill day is exactly what you need. 


3. Watch a Movie

Create your own home movie theatre by dimming the lights, making some popcorn and putting on a suitable movie. If you want, you can also round up the kids and take them out for a movie at the cinemas. That will be a real treat for them!


4. Bake Together

With your little one, bake some cupcakes, muffins, brownies, cornflakes treats or anything else you are craving. Let your child help you measure the ingredients, pour out the batter and – this goes without saying – lick the spoon. Besides spending time together, your child will also be able to learn simple measurements. You get yummy treats at the end of it too!


5. Visit a Museum

Museums are fun yet educational. Visit the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum to learn more about dinosaurs, the ArtScience Museum for their digital and interactive exhibits, or the Science Centre to learn more about the world of science.




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