Tips on Childproofing Your Home

Keep your baby safe with these childproofing tips.

To ensure that your home is safe for your crawling tot, parents should take certain precautions:


  • Keep all electric cords out of reach or secured to the floor. If your baby can grab a cord, he's sure to pull a lamp or clock or iron down on his head.
  • Shield all electric outlets with safety caps. If your baby manages to stick a finger or a plaything into an outlet, he may get a nasty shock.
  • Avoid leaving anything on the floor unless it's safe for your baby. your baby will soon be able to cover lots of ground very quickly, so rid your floor of any choking hazards, toxins, and anything else that might do your baby harm.
  • Install safety gates that block off stairs at both the bottom and the top. Although pressure gates work fine at the bottom of a flight of stairs, they provide inadequate protection at the top of the stairs. If your baby falls into a pressure gate, uses it to pull himself up to his knees or feet, or even just pushes hard, he may pop it right out of place and crash down the stairs with it. so be sure to install a safety gate that bolts into the wall or newel post at the top of the stairs.
  • Block access to the bathroom with a gate or keep the door closed. Keep the toilet lid down. Never leave your baby alone for even a second and remove any rickety furniture in the bathtub, in the bathroom, near a bucket of water, or near any other source of water such as a wading pool, fish pool, puddle or fountain. Babies can drown in only one inch of water.
  • Don't give your baby a balloon, whether inflated or not. Make sure toys do not have pull cords or ribbons longer than 6-inches.
  • Move the crib and other furniture away from windows, and be sure they can't be opened wide enough for baby to fall through. Install safety grills on all windows.
  • As far as possible, move everything breakable or dangerous to above toddler reach. Make all tables and furniture with corners baby-proof by using corner guards for the sharp edges, and glass décor or stickers to cover any glass doors or partitions you are worried about baby bumping into.
  • Childproof the refrigerator, oven, cupboards and washing machine with appliance locks.


Even though you have baby proofed your own home, it is important to doublecheck for yourself! Establish a routine of checking the home from the view of your child monthly to see if anything new requires taking care of. Most importantly, teach your child what is allowable and what is off-limits. All the childproofing in the world cannot substitute for your attentive and caring supervision!


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