Say No to Smart Phones

Here’s why keeping your little one away from smartphones and other smart devices is a must.

Vyda S. Chai, a clinical psychologist from Th!nk Psychological Services clearly sets a good standard and solution for parents who are always unsure when to say no to your children using smart phones.



Research has shown that it is best not to expose children

under the age of five to technology until they develop good and

appropriate social and communication skills. There is a need to limit and

monitor their usage unless there is a great educational purpose for using the smart phone.



Children can get addicted to technology pretty easily as they get instant gratification from technological devices. For example, when the child taps on an icon, they get an immediate response (cause and effect), or when they win a game and move on to the next level, they feel a sense of achievement. For young and impressionable children, this can be a potential hazard if not monitored properly.


When a child spends too much time on technology, it takes time away from other important aspects of their development, such as learning appropriate social behaviours and relational interaction. “In the past two years at Th!nk Psychological Services, we have observed an increase of cases aged four to 20 years presenting with gaming addictions, some resulting in violence, bullying and/or poor social skills. There has been an approximately 20 per cent increase in the past two years,” Chai adds.



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