Your Alphabet Guide to Baby Sleep: Q - U

Category: Newborns

Let’s face it, worry about your baby’s sleep keeps you up more than you’d like to admit. MH provides you with handy tips in this how-to guide.




It goes without saying that a quiet environment makes for a sleepy baby. Keep your voice low and the TV volume down in the evenings. Conversations with others should ideally be held out of the baby’s earshot.



Babies thrive on routine, so maintain a consistent sleep-wake timing and pre-bed rituals. A bedtime of around 6:30pm – 7pm is usually recommended for babies under one year of age. Save for overseas trips or a late night family gathering, stick to this schedule to keep your baby’s body clock in check.



Be it swashbuckling sailors or plump pigs, everyone loves a good fairytale, and babies are no different. A riveting bedtime story is a welcome addition to a bedtime routine, not to mention a great bonding activity.



A cool room is integral to falling asleep for babies and adults alike. Dr Alan Greene, paediatrician and author of From First Kicks to First Steps, advises a room temperature between 18 to 21 degrees celsius.



Experiment with different diaper brands and sizes to see what works best, and be sure to do a diaper change just before bedtime, along with the application of diaper cream to prevent rash. Overnight diapers are recommended for maximum absorbency. 


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