How to Facilitate Bonding with Your Baby

Category: Newborns

Bonding doesn’t always come naturally but here are some quick tips on how to help you make the connection with your bub.

Some mummies may be affected by the usual mood swings or simply need some adjustment time. Here are some tips on how to bond with your baby.


Hold Them Close

Dr Vanessa von Auer, clinical psychologist at VA Psychology Center says cuddling is a powerful bonding agent. It releases “happy hormones” (oxytocin) which further strengthens the parent-baby bond but also helps the baby’s brain to deal with stress and promotes secure attachment.



Baby massage is, of course, another perfect way to bond with your bub. it allows you to take time out from the endless cycle of feeds and diaper changes, to spend some quality time with your baby.




Geraldine Tan, principal psychologist at The Therapy Room recommends a chat. “Talk about anything. About the lights, the sounds you hear, your joys, your fears and even your dreams.”



Spending time watching your child can increase your feelings of love. “Look at him and laugh at his antics. Watch him sleep. Marvel at his little toes and nose! Try to find one nice thing about your little one to focus on each day,” says Tan.


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