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At birth, a newborn's skin makes an abrupt transition from a protected, sterile environment to an air-filled environment filled with thermal and microbial aggressors. Until the age of three, a baby's skin is very permeable due to their fine epidermis layer and has a high risk of toxicity. Babies have a high skin surface area to body mass ratio and the thin epidermis at the perineum level and genital parts are still immature and fragile. Products containing harmful chemicals may make its way slowly through the epidermis layer, made worse with frequent applications on babies’ skin.

Rivadouce Bébé’s aim is to ensure protection and health of the skin of babies with products approved by the medical professional community. Rivadouce Bébé has nature at the heart of its formula with up to 95% of ingredients from natural origin. One of the main ingredients in all Rivadouce Bébé products is Natural Lotus Flower Extract which soothes and is gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Rivadouce Bébé Gel Doux Lavant (Cleansing Gel - available in 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml and 75ml sizes) can be used as a shampoo and body wash as well as in baby’s bath. The washing base is from 100% natural origin and the selection of raw materials is of the best purity grade. For dry skin, the Crème Lavant (Cleansing Cream - available in 500ml size) is extra moisturizing and fragrance-free. Both cleansing washes are ophthalmologist tested (does not sting the eyes) and are soap-free. After bath time, apply a layer of Crème Hydratante (Moisturizing Cream) on your baby to keep his skin moisturised while protecting baby’s skin from the harsh weather.

Rivadouce Bébé Crème pour le Change (Nappy Rash Cream) protects and prevents skin redness at baby’s bottom. At the heart of the formula is zinc oxide which forms a protective barrier for baby’s delicate skin by isolating the epidermis from irritating substances and has drying and disinfecting properties. It is enriched with calendula oil which softens and soothes nappy rash while providing antiseptic and healing properties.

Rivadouce Bébé Lait de Toilette (Cleansing Milk) and Eau Nettoyante (Cleansing Water – available in 250ml and 75ml sizes) are rinse-free cleansing products which remove dirt without water and refreshes baby’s skin. They can also soothe irritations due to saliva rash, heat rash, and nappy rash. (Mummy Recommendation: Apply either Lait de Toilette or Eau Nettoyante with a cotton pad on baby’s bottom before applying a layer of Crème pour le Change to protect and prevent nappy rash. For saliva and heat rash, apply either Lait de Toilette or Eau Nettoyante with a cotton pad on affected area before applying a layer of Crème Hydratante to moisturize and protect baby’s skin).

Rivadouce Bébé is 100% Made in France and is backed by over 40 years of experience and endorsement by medical professionals and chosen by 1 in every 2 maternity units in France. Used by more than 300,000 babies per year in 210 maternity wards and 3000 kindergartens in France, Rivadouce Bébé products are hypoallergenic (formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions) with NO parabens, NO phenoxyethanol, NO colourants and NO essential oils. All formulas are tested under strict dermatological and pediatric control and have a guarantee of high tolerance care.

Rivadouce Bébé products can be found online at WWW.SCENZE.COM.

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