10 Essentials all New Mums Need

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You may have stocked up on diapers and clothes, and may have picked out your perfect stroller but is that all you’ll need? MH finds out what’s truly needed when baby’s home.



Your delivery due day is drawing near and you have done up a checklist of the baby items – from the all essential baby cot to the life-saving breast pump. As a mother-of-three, the must-haves for my firstborn was based on research and browsing through magazines, and by the time I welcomed my second one into the world, I have trimmed down the list to absolute needs. So here they are, my recommended list of really useful items that will help ease you into the role of motherhood – enjoy!


1. Baby Onesie

An exciting part of preparing for baby’s arrival is in shopping and assembling a baby wardrobe. You may be eager to dress baby up in the latest kids’ fashion but a far practical sartorial choice is the baby bodysuit – given baby’s compact size, the one-piece suit is much neater (it holds baby’s diaper in place) and is much easier for you to fit it over the head and body of your wriggly baby, compared to grappling with separates.


2. Accessories

Baby booties and mittens are essential – as baby’s tiny feet are too small to fit into proper shoes, and it is necessary to prevent him from accidentally scratching his delicate face with his fingers. It is also good to standby a bonnet to give him extra protection against the elements – plus it ups your little bub’s cuteness quotient.


3. Swaddle

The swaddle is a must-have wrap for newborns and hospital staff will usually use it to wrap around your baby, to provide him a warm and secure environment similar to the womb. When it's time to bring your baby home, you will need your own swaddle blanket to hold your baby with, and it will come in useful when you need to fetch your baby for subsequent visits to the paediatrician.


There are many cute swaddles with embroidered print to choose from and it is best to get one that comes with a hoodie to help shield baby’s eyes from harsh lighting.


4. Towels

Bath time is something that most babies look forward to, plus it is also a good time for mother and baby to bond. Choose a good quality bath towel of decent size. You will also need some wash clothes – one to soap baby’s body and another one to shampoo his hair.



Face towels are essential too to clean your baby’s face and for use

especially after feeds when he burps off excess milk.



5. Bath Tub

As you will be using a bathtub for your baby’s bath time for the first few years, it is good to invest in a reasonably good one that is well designed (for instance, with anti-slip strips and of decent size) to give your baby a relaxing bath. Preferably, you should have a smaller tub for soaking your baby’s bottom for a thorough clean up after a messy poop.


6. Baby Body Wash

Invest in a good quality baby shampoo, for instance, an organic range (choose the smaller size as it only takes a tiny amount to soap his hair) and a special body wash that caters to a baby’s delicate skin.


7. Skincare

Get some body lotion to moisturise his arms, legs and feet and prevent his skin from drying out. Apply a bit of baby eucalyptus oil after shower time which helps to soothe any tummy wind.



Stand by a tube of diaper cream to apply on your baby’s

bottom after every wash, to help prevent nappy rash

especially given our hot and humid weather.



8. Hot Water Dispenser

If you plan to feed your infant formula milk to supplement your breast milk, you will need to make milk for your infant every three hours, so it is advisable to stand by a hot water dispenser that you can easily operate.


9. Milk Bottle Detergent and Brush

A liquid detergent meant for washing milk bottles and nipples, milk powder containers, are needed to thoroughly get rid of milk stains.


1O. Nursing Tools

For breastfeeding mothers, a nipple cream, nursing bras, and breast pads (to soak up any leakage) are absolute must-haves. Nursing tops for discreet latch on by your baby, when you dine out in public, are good to have as well.



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