5 Playdate Ideas

If you’re trying to decide what to do on your child’s next playdate, fret no more! MH has scoured the Internet and found the best playdate ideas that promise hours of excitement and fun!



Playdates are the best kind of fun, and it really is what your child needs as much as possible when he is growing up. With more activity, play and fun, your child receives the best of both worlds in his growth. It sets the fundamental building block for fine and gross motor skills. It gives your child the many avenues for him to achieve consistency in development. Furthermore, it is the perfect time to build social, language and effective communication skills.



Kids Fondue Party

What’s a party without mouth-watering food? A kid’s fondue party will be more than amazing to turn your child’s playdate into an appetising event. You can be creative and set up your own kid-friendly chocolate and cheese fondue party.



Mix it up with a special variety of foods and fruits like

marshmallows, strawberries, grapes, and waffles. You can toss in

some snacks, bites and roasted or raw veggies too!



Implementing some games and activities will turn the party up a notch. You will definitely be expecting rumbling, hungry tummies from the kids after the activities. Food is always a hit with children, so this is something they will never forget!



Game Marathons

Take a break from the play station and get your old-school game on with super fun-packed classics like Twister, Monopoly, Uno and Jenga. Children nowadays are so in tune with games on screens so classic games like these might get them to effectively engage and interact with their friends face to face.



Water Balloon Stomp

Children like to get physical and they love games or play that involve water. Water balloon games can be a good way to indulge their love of water. It encourages a much-needed amount of physical activity, and especially if accompanied by fun rules, they will truly enjoy it. Water Balloon Stomp is pretty simple where players can be divided into teams of two and each team receives an equal number of water balloons. They will be required to stomp the balloons, bursting them. The winning team is the one with the most number of balloons burst in a given timeframe.



Outdoor Movie Marathons

You can plan a day out filled with wonderful movies for your child and his friends to enjoy. Set up an outdoor movie screening, accompanied by a picnic-like theme. Get a list of movies you have on hand ready for the kids to choose from. Be sure to include all-time favourites like Frozen, The Incredibles, Finding Dory and Inside Out if you are opting for some thrills and magic.



Food will be a terrific idea to set the mood for the

movie screening. What’s a movie without fun bites and warm,

homemade, buttery popcorn?




Dance Party

Time to let your kids get their groove on! A dance party is an opportunity for them to let loose, beat the stress and always stay happy. You can incorporate a variety of dance games to let the kids battle it out on the dance floor. They can show off their dance moves and feel like an absolute star. The movement card is a typical dance game for your kids to get a chance to create impromptu steps by using their creativity and imagination. You will have to write a form of dance such as hip-hop, ballet, jazz hands, twist your tummy, shake the belly, and strike a pose and so forth. As the music starts, ask the kids to pick a card randomly and he or she has to perform the routine mentioned on the cards. Keep this going until the end!




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