Goodnight Little One

MH finds out from the experts just why sleep is important for your baby and how many hours is necessary. Read more

Party Planning: Save or Splurge?

Whether you are planning for your precious’ first-month celebration or his birthday, things can get pricey pretty fast. Here are some tips on what you can save on and what’s worth splurging on to give your little one a party you’ll be proud of. Read more

The Best of Friends

Your preschooler can’t stop talking about her friends in school — but she still needs you to show her how to get along. Read more

Make Your Kids Smarter in 10 Ways

From listening to music to keeping your child happy, the experts share how to make your kids smarter. Read more

Best Foods for You and Your Bump

If you have yet to do so, add these to your plate and reap all the benefits they have with every bite.     Read more

The Importance of Baby Routines

Getting your baby into a routine that consists of regular naps, feeds, and fun activities can make those unpredictable days a little easier. Read more

Make Your Own Baby Food

Now that your bub is six months old and he’s showing signs that he’s ready for solids, where do you begin? If you are thinking of feeding him homemade baby food instead of commercially prepared ones, here’s a guide on how to go about it. Read more

Exercise Time for Babies

Make exercise time for your baby fun through hip and happening activities like yoga, gym or swimming. Read more

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