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Childhood Sleep Disorders

A good night’s sleep is important to growing children. However, a recent study showed an increasing trend of young children suffering from sleeping problems. MH finds out more. Read more

6 Ways to Stay Healthy as a SAHM

Being a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM)is never easy. Your days are filled with taking care of both the kids and the home and staying fit is often easier said than done. Here are some creative ways to stay healthy while you’re hard at work. Read more

TV: Am I Doing this Right?

As far as you may try not to let your little one watch TV, the tube can sometimes come in handy when you need to get lunch started or when you need to reply to a quick email. But what impact does the media have on kids? MH speaks to the experts. Read more

Attachment Parenting?

Ask any parent and you can be sure they have some sort of parenting philosophy that they adhere too. In recent times, the idea of Attachment Parenting has gained much ground in mainstream media channels. So, what exactly is Attachment Parenting and is it for you? Read more

Your Fertility Diet

Planning on having a baby? Make these changes to your diet to improve your fertility and ovulation function. Read more

The Benefits of Finger Foods

“When should I start my child on finger foods?” is a question every new mum asks once they’ve started their little one on solids. Read more

Gymboree’s Holiday Program!

In Events

Join Gymboree in their Holiday Program and enjoy hours of endless play and learning! Sign up now and you’ll be guaranteed days of fun! Find our more at Gymboree.com.sg or call 6735 5290. Registration is now open and UOB cardmembers enjoy $50 off! Read more

Rivadouce Bébé

At birth, a newborn's skin makes an abrupt transition from a protected, sterile environment to an air-filled environment filled with thermal and microbial aggressors. Until the age of three, a baby's skin is very permeable due to their fine epidermis layer and has a high risk of toxicity. Babies have a high skin surface area to body mass ratio and the thin epidermis at the perineum level and genital parts are still immature and fragile. Products containing harmful chemicals may make its way slowly through the epidermis layer, made worse with frequent applications on babies’ skin. Read more

Experts Say – Constipation During Pregnancy

Dr Lim May-Li, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Gynecology Consultant Clinic & Surgery at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre answers your pregnancy related questions. Read more

The Birds and The Bees

When it comes to explaining the birds and the bees to junior, most parents can be a bit of a prude... but honesty and age-appropriate facts are the best ways to deal with this situation. Read more

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