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Families For Life Celebrations

Parliamentary Secretary, Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Chan Chun Sing joins a family for some fun at a Families for Life game booth. Read more

Hospital Land

Images courtesy of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Children in scrubs, taking on the role of little doctors and cleaning the wound of a patient suffering from burn injuries Read more

Family Friend Neighbourhood Malls

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Ms Low Yen Ling taking a look at of the family-friendly amenities (Kiddy Rides placed outside Timezone), during her site visit earlier today Read more

When the Stars Align

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief system that reaches towards overall harmony in life. Literally translated as “wind water”, the term gives an insight into the most fundamental principle that guides feng shui practitioners: that of flow, or balance. Despite having a history of thousands of years, feng shui remains relevant to the modern Chinese. Its application spans almost all aspects of life, from everyday concerns, such as encouraging good family dynamics, to the much more momentous, like the birth of a child. Read more

Brain Boosters

Pick any fellow parent from your child’s playschool and chances are they’d give you an impressive list of all the extra classes their child goes for each day of the week. In an increasingly competitive age, with the myriad of different enrichment activities in the market, parents have to be picky about how they divide time between learning and play. Read more

The Joyful Easter Adventure

In Events

Hop on down to Downtown East for a colourful day filled with activities for kids of all ages.  Read more

Do-It-Yourself With Mummamia Confinement Made Easy

(Advertorial)   Traditionally, after 10 months of pregnancy, once a woman has given birth, antenatal/ postnatal care is of utmost importance in allowing their bodies and vigor to recover. Completing their confinement in a proper way not only recovers their vigor, but also improves their health. Introducing a series of DIY confinement products to assist modern busy working mothers, we can now take care of the welfare of mummy’s confinement with or without a nanny.   Read more

Oh So Natural!

(Advertorial)   Your baby is finally home and you are discovering the joys (and pains) of being a new mum. Top on your priority list is keeping baby warm, comfortable and fed. The rest of your time is spent delighting in the bliss of baby’s soft skin on yours. Ever wondered why it’s almost impossible to resist the smoothness of baby’s skin? Right now, your child’s skin is a blank slate. Baby is utterly and blissfully unscarred by chemicals, pollutants or harsh weather. Preserving the natural health of baby’s skin for as long as possible is as important as any other aspect of healthcare.   Read more

Is Your Food Ruining You?

(Advertorial)   Eating is a big part of our lives – several times a day, every day. If the old adage that ‘we are what we eat’ means something, then we would benefit simply by paying more attention to our food intake and how this affects us. Scientific studies show close relationships between diets and how well our body functions. It’s no wonder that Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, exclaimed, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” In short, what we choose as our food REALLY does matter! by Dr Daniel CS Lim, Ph.D.   Read more

Independence Day

You once did everything for your child, but now that he’s growing up, it does not mean you should. Here’s how you can achieve the right balance of freedom for the independent children. Read more

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